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    Tips Before You Buy CCTV Security Camera and Video Surveillance Systems

    When it comes to the safety of your home or business, the best CCTV security camera and video surveillance system is the optional choice. In this article, I will explain the variety of video surveillance systems and  CCTV security camera systems. It will focus on how to choose the most suitable CCTV Dubai for your needs.  

    CCTV security camera can be used anywhere indoor, outdoor, hidden and even on the vehicle. Despite the sort of video surveillance set up, frameworks are intended to give visual observation of the object by CCTV camera. With the latest CCTV surveillance equipment and CCTV Dubai, you can monitor protected premises as a single location or multiple locations at once.

    There are Digital and Analog Video Surveillance Systems

    Analog system uses video cassette recorder (VCR) to store footage received from CCTV security camera. The inability to view video over the internet and the low recording quality is a serious drawback for analog CCTV to compete with digital systems. Therefore manufacturers stopped producing analog systems and switched to digital, just like the photo industry did.

    Digital video surveillance systems based on the principle of a binary encoding of information that improves performance reading and writing data speed improves the quality of the signal transmitted by the camera and allows off-site internet viewing. Most digital surveillance systems have a motion-activated recording. This function allows digital video recorder (DVR) to store footage on a single hard drive for up to three months. 

    For better recording quality get real-time DVR with Dl resolution. A greater number of frames per second is a key to smooth playback without glitches. Real-time recording stores images at 30fps and highest Dl resolution are 704×480 pixels. Al Marjan specialists, with years of experience in the installation of CCTV security camera and video surveillance systems, agree that in real life is enough if the recording speed will be about 15 frames per second. Not real-time systems cost less and since it takes half the number of frames the recording time comes longer.

    Viewing of video footage can be done directly from the DVR or remotely over the internet remote viewing works without zone restrictions; you can watch CCTV camera remotely anywhere in the world using our CCTV Dubai services. It is likewise conceivable  to playback and backup information over the network.

    When you select a CCTV security camera it is worth paying attention to the following specifications:

    Al Marjan Communication System LLC is the leading companies for CCTV camera installation in Dubai providing cutting-edge CCTV security system for your home, office, or other important premises. We provide our services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other areas across UAE.

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