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    Different Types of CCTV Security Cameras

    Find out the most popular CCTV Cameras being used in the UAE market currently. We sell and install all types of CCTV Security Cameras in Dubai.

    CCTV Security cameras are a must for every business and home.CCTV cameras comes in different styles and appearance based on the requirements.It’s important to ensure that you have chosen the right CCTV camera based on the location and their primary use.

    Cameras are broadly divided into 2 categories. They are

    IP Cameras

    • IP stands for Internet Protocol, and basically refers to a digital video camera that can send and receive data via a computer network.
    • Requires a DVR to capture image.

    Analog Cameras

    Analog security cameras capture an analog video signal and transfer that signal over coax cable to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Each camera may be powered by plugging in the power supply right at the camera or by using RG59 Siamese cable which bundles the video and the power cables.

    Requires an NVR to capture image.

    Let's look at different types of CCTV security cameras in the market

    Dome Camera

    The dome camera is one most commonly used for indoor security and surveillance. The shape of the camera makes it difficult for onlookers to tell which way the camera is facing, which is a strong piece of design,deterring criminals by creating an air of uncertainty. Dome CCTV cameras are either ceiling mounted or suspended from a wall mounted bracket depending on the application and the field of view required.

    Bullet camera

    Bullet cameras are long and bullet shaped, and are ideal for outdoor use.their strengths lie specifically in applications which require long distance viewing. Installed within protective casings,the cameras are protected against dust, dirt and other natural elements. Bullet CCTV cameras are better suited for most outdoor applications.

    PTZ Camera

    PTZ Camera stands for PAN TILT ZOOM. PAN tilt Zoom CCTV Security Cameras offer the ability to capture footage at multiple angles and perspectives while surveying a wide range of territory. PTZ machine vision CCTV cameras have the ability to pan,tilt and zoom their lenses.

    Turrent Camera

    The Turrent or ‘Eyeball’ CCTV camera is newly designed camera similar to a dome camera but without a housing. A turrent camera, also known as a mini dome, eyeball or flat faced dome camera, has a ball-and-socket type of design.It is like a slices sphere, which can be easily swiveled around in its “socket” once the base has been mounted.

    Fisheye Camera

    The fish eye camera is a single camera which allows you to record everything with a 180 or 360 degree panoramic view. The strength of this CCTV camera can reduce the quantity of cameras needed to cover the same CCTV surveillance camera.

    Box Camera

    Box camera on the other hand are larger and have internal components and lenses that can sometimes be replaced. they usually feature better optical performance, longer service life-span and with the right housing can be mounted in virtually any location and environment. Box CCTV cameras are not meant to be discreet and are usually an imposing symbol of security presence at an installation to be used as a deterrent.

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