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    CP Plus is a prestigious name in offering surveillance products to guarantee security surveillance for home, workplaces, and offices. Its far-reaching scope of the CCTV camera can satisfy the various necessities of the security challenges. Where sellers are contending over the value, CP Plus provided to cater to the necessities of the individuals who can go through some more amount on quality CCTV items to protect their assets. We, Al Marjan Communication System, are an approved partner of CP Plus and enjoyed offering its solid CCTV products to our regarded customers.

    Analog CCTV HD camera

    Screen and control your home, office, and working environments with CP PLUS scope of analog HD cameras. CP PLUS Analog HD cameras are easy to install and utilize and pressed with highlights like night vision, advanced zoom, wide-edge focal points, and inbuilt video analytics for brilliant surveillance. Utilizing these cameras, you can bring your home/office on your telephone/tablet/workstation. You can view live footage of your home/office from any place you are; stop, rewind, and play as you need. At the point when there’s a security rupture happened, you can get instant warnings moreover.

    Network/ IP CCTV Security Camera Systems

    CP PLUS offers a wide scope of network/IP security camera frameworks for workplaces and homes. Our IP solutions include network video recorders (NVRs), HD network cameras, video management software, and related products. CP PLUS offers a wide scope of system cameras for home and office security.

    IP surveillance opens up boundless abilities, making security more efficient and effective. Not at all like analog cameras and DVRs, IP video surveillance equipment makes them sealed and increasingly dependable. Our CCTV network/IP security cameras come furnished with highlights, for example, night vision for clearness; audio; prevalent IR focal points for crisp images, and incorporated video analytics for smart surveillance. There is a CP PLUS CCTV network camera to accommodate your necessity for sensitive environments or the harsh outdoors.

    Look over a wide scope of CCTV network/IP surveillance camera system cameras; PTZ cameras; and Network Video Recorders (NVRs) from us.


    The Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a complete IP Camera recording gadget. It is like the Video Server system, yet as opposed to utilizing a standard Windows PC, it utilizes a devoted exceptional PC with an operating system and application software that is committed to recording the video.

    We are authorized partner of CP Plus and offering best price deals for CCTV Dubai products. Please send your order details at info@almarjanuae.com to get quotation.


    CP Plus is a celebrated name in the CCTV security market. The organization’s center CCTV security items are expected to control the multifaceted surveillance applications. CP Plus CCTV DVR is improved with cutting edge highlights and functionalities for recording and managing the video footage. Understanding the requirements of the clients, we help to discover solutions to their toughest security challenges. CP PLUS CCTV DVR comes in different sorts and it incorporates the 32 Channel DVR, 16 Channel DVR, 8 Channel DVR, and 4 Channel DVR. We dive deep into understanding the genuine need of the clients and then creatively apply the security solution with the CP Plus CCTV systems and products in Dubai. The business experience higher productivity, better images, and diminished expense with our CCTV solutions. Put simply, our CCTV expertise in the realm of developing CCTV security systems would truly profit you in all ways.

    Get a superior quality CCTV camera system for your home from us

    Secure your home from all kinds of security threats using CP Plus CCTV security system. As an authorized dealer, we offer CCTV solutions for a spectrum of industries and deliver comprehensive coverage for effective and efficient security. We provide services to industries like Banking, Education, Hospitality, Law enforcement, Real estate, Shopping & Retail, City public areas, and Transportation.

    Know more about CP PLUS network products, Get in touch with our CP PLUS CCTV Dubai experts today.