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    Hikvision CCTV Dubai UAE

    The Hikvision company specializes in video surveillance innovation, just as structuring and assembling a full-line of imaginative CCTV security system and video surveillance products. The product line ranges from cameras and DVRs to video management software. Hikvision has quickly achieved a leading worldwide market position in the security business particularly CCTV security system.


    Once you have determined to install CCTV security systems at your workplace, it is good to approach a reliable Hikvision distributor in Dubai. We are focused on providing advanced CCTV security solutions to the industries across the UAE. Being a leading Hikvision supplier in Dubai, we have the right CCTV security systems and solutions for your ever-expanding business.

    The portfolio of Hikvision CCTV Dubai camera systems include IP cameras and analog cameras.

    Hikvision Network Camera

    Security requirements differ. HIKVISION network cameras are the perfect decision for several application scenarios because they are providing data-powered situational awareness to help you make smart choices. That is the reason Hikvision designs and tailors network cameras to meet different prerequisites – from general video surveillance to video content analytics – and past. Rendering high-quality images over a scope of lighting conditions.

    Hikvision Analog Cameras

    The Hikvision analog cameras would be the decision of a source for a right analog surveillance system. It’s a financially savvy factor and the great execution against different conditions makes it ideal for business of any sizes. Top-notch Hikvision CCTV analog cameras broaden the advantage of creating wanted outcomes. It supports PAL/NTSC Signal System, Night Vision, Smart IR, and great unique range, great video image output, Good for low light conditions, wide operating temperature range, etc.

    Hikvision Network Video recorder

    System Video Recorder is perfect with the IP cameras and it permits the view and capacity of video recordings in a proficient manner. NVRs can be remotely accessed through LAN and web. It’s solid trusted nature and the capacity to convey ideal execution settles on Hikvision NVR a definite decision for your IP surveillance system. The highlights make the system progressively versatile to changed business conditions. It bolsters third-party cameras, Dual gigabit network interfaces,high-goals video recording, HDMI output and so on.

    Hikvision Digital Video Recorder

    Digital Video Recorder is for an analog surveillance system. The further developed type of analog surveillance system uses a Digital Video Recorder for high-quality recording and capacity. It gives an advanced recording with a huge number of execution choices and highlights. Hikvision DVR permits to record digitally and the different digital technologies including video analytics and remote access over the networks settle on it an ideal decision for the analog surveillance system. It comes in changed models including turbo HD DVR, Mobile DVR, and Analog DVR, etc. It has the highlights of good video compression, high-resolution real-time recording, HD-SDI interfaces, synchronous playback, HDD quota, group management and considerably more.

    Hikvision Turbo HD Cameras – AHD Camera

    The New Hikvishion CCTV Cameras are Turbo HD cameras that offer ultra-low light execution and utilizing the new Video Compression Technology. These Hikvision CCTV cameras offer low transmission capacity utilization and least stockpiling prerequisites. The Power over Coaxial cable technology further minimizes the headaches involved in CCTV installation by eliminating the power cabling. The New Hikvision Technology enables transmit UHD video and power over the same coaxial cable. The maximum resolution offer in TURBO HD is 8 megapixels. As the top HIKVISION Distributor in Dubai, we offer the best prices on new Hikvision CCTV Products. Call us today to get a quote.

    Hikvision CCTV Distributor Dubai

    Al Marjan is a leading Hikvision CCTV Distributor Dubai, UAE. We supply the most recent innovative Hikvision CCTV Dubai equipment at aggressive pricing including Digital Recording Systems, IP Cameras, and CCTV monitoring equipment alongside numerous products from other leading producers. Installing a complete CCTV security system is essential for a city like Dubai, which builds profitability as well as watches out for your assets. With the Hikvision CCTV Dubai products, we figured out how to convey CCTV solutions for a wide range of businesses. Aside from the IP cameras and systems, Hikvision presents another scope of security items also which can be best used for structuring a total CCTV security system in Dubai.