SIRA Approved CCTV Installation Company

SIRA Approved CCTV Installation Company

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    SIRA Approved CCTV Installation Company

    Whether you live in a villa or a flat, work in a small office or a big conglomerate, or stay in New York or Dubai, one thing you cannot compromise on is security. You would surely want to protect yourself, your family, and your material belongings. If you run a business, you would not like to suffer material losses or waste time settling unnecessary disputes. You can avoid all of these and more if you opt for a robust CCTV system. All over the world, CCTV systems provide individuals and businesses the security cover they need to keep their premises safe from unwanted incidents. The same is true for those living in the UAE. But if you are in the UAE and planning to install CCTV cameras on your premises, you need to make sure that you get them from a SIRA-approved CCTV installation company only. A SIRA-approved CCTV installation company has to follow all the guidelines laid down by the authorities in the UAE on the security front.

    That is where AL Marjan Communication System L.L.C. comes into the picture. Al Marjan Communication System L.L.C. is a SIRA-approved CCTV installation company in Dubai. We offer complete security solutions to individuals and businesses in the UAE. We provide high-quality CCTV systems for homes and offices of all sizes. We can help you in selecting the right CCTV security system for your premises.

    From hotels, shopping malls, villas, and banks to factories, warehouses, flats, offices, and commercial & residential buildings, we have the experience and expertise to handle CCTV security systems of all sizes.

    What is a CCTV system?

    CCTV is an acronym for closed-circuit television and is also referred to as video surveillance. Closed-circuit here means broadcasts are transmitted to a limited number of monitors only, unlike a regular TV broadcast, where the signal is transmitted openly. Usually, people use CCTV systems to detect and deter criminal activities. It is also commonly used to record traffic violations. CCTV networks have other uses as well.

    There are two types of CCTV systems – analog CCTV systems and digital CCTV systems.

    What is SIRA approved?

    SIRA is an acronym for Security Industry Regulatory Agency, which is a government body responsible for the regulation and supervision of the security industry in Dubai.

    A SIRA certification ensures that the CCTV installation in your premises is in good condition. A SIRA-approved company means they follow all the guidelines and use the latest technology as specified by SIRA.

    Benefits of using CCTV networks

    There are many advantages of using CCTV cameras. These days most of the modern offices, residential societies, and homes, including villas, resorts, hotels, and restaurants, use CCTV surveillance systems to man their premises. Here are some of the main benefits of using CCTV cameras:

    Our CCTV Services

    Why you should select Al Marjan Communication System for all your CCTV requirements?

    We are a SIRA-approved CCTV installation company, which means we adhere to the guidelines of the authorities in the UAE. It means there can be no compromise on the quality of equipment you get. That is why you should select Al Marjan Communication for all your CCTV requirements.

    We have the requisite experience of providing the best security solution to our clients. It is crucial to select the right CCTV cameras for your property. Depending on your needs, we offer the best security solution, product, and maintenance tips. At Al Marjan Communication, we have a host of CCTV systems. Some of the products that we deal in include:

    We offer CCTV camera products from many manufacturers, including Samsung, Bosch, Dahua, Cp Plus, Honeywell, Uniview & Hikvision. All these CCTV security products are the best and top-performing CCTV systems that can look after all your security needs.

    We have a battery of skilled and experienced engineers who specialise in installing CCTV cameras, connections, and digital video recorders.

    We have responsive customer care. One thing that sets us apart from others is our customer service. We are available 24X7 to resolve your issues.

    Al Marjan is a full CCTV service company. We don’t just supply and install new CCTV systems, but we can also update and change parts of your existing security infrastructure to maximise your view.

    We believe in delivering quality services to all our clients. We follow the highest moral and ethical business standards.

    From assessing your security requirements and selecting the best product for your needs to installation and maintenance, we are a one-stop shop for all your security needs.

    Our pricing is not just competitive, but it matches the best in the industry.

    If you are looking for a SIRA-approved CCTV installation company in Dubai that can fulfil all your security needs, you should get in touch with Al Marjan Communication System L.L.C. now.

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