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    PABX Dubai / PBX System Dubai

    Al Marjan Communication System LLC is the best choice for advanced PBX/ PABX Dubai phone systems & communications solutions at very competitive prices. We are specialists in PBX/PABX Dubai phone systems and SMB / Business telephone systems. Servicing all over Dubai, UAE. PABX systems are valuable business assets. They improve the company image, create smooth flowing lines of communication.

    From increments to new installs, audio/video conferencing, voicemail, telephone accounting, call auto-attendant, and wireless, we do everything. We have experienced team for PBX/ PABX Dubai phone system installation, testing and certification procedures and voice Cabling. Our primary objective is total customer satisfaction through the most excellent workmanship, built-in upgrade potential, and top-quality equipment for your PABX systems and network. Our industry knowledge and engineering expertise in PBX/ PABX Dubai service can ensure the best protection of your voice and data systems investment. Our engineers are experienced with the widest diversity of PBX/PABX phone equipment and wiring.

    PBX Phone Systems – Supply, Installation, Upgrades and Maintenance Services

    Our company provides supply, installations, upgrades and maintenance services for PABX/PBX Telephony systems using VOIP. We can give you that you can get improved communication for your business or for your smart home at an extremely low budget.

    Brands We Offer for PABX Dubai / PBX System Dubai / IP PBX

    What Is PBX Dubai?

    PBX stands for private branch exchange. In straightforward terms, a PBX is the backbone of a corporate phone network. Small companies typically utilize multiple-line systems to deal with their incoming and outgoing telephone calls, letting their telephone transporters handle the management of those lines. In this situation, four lines come into the business and are for the most part obvious on a multiple-line phone.

    Business networks using a PBX have various lines or a T-1 digital connection coming into it to give service and branches open connections all through the enterprise. It additionally allows internal calling from extension to extension.

    What is IP PBX System Dubai?

    IP PBX is the application of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) innovation to Private Branch Exchanges (PBX). Company telephone networks are carried over the data network.  A small business PBX phone system can successfully manage and deal with every one of your calls at a much lower price.

    PBX System Dubai Prices and Our Offer for PABX Dubai

    Finding the expense of a new PBX telephone system, requiring your PBX phone system project, has never been simpler! We will help you to choose the right PBX system Dubai for your business. Our friendly and highly skilled support and installation PBX/PABX Dubai team make sure you are getting the answer you expected. Al Marjan based in Dubai highly qualified in basic to advanced telephony solutions. We provide phone system supply and installation in Abudhabi, Bahrain & Sharjah.

    Numerous factors will influence your PBX phone system cost. The quality and number of handsets you need, calling patterns, and obviously phone system highlights.  Whether you’re purchasing a new PBX phone system, need a PBX phone system upgrade, service for a current PBX phone system or adding a new voice communication line, our experienced PBX phone system support team are ready to provide you free PBX phone system information and free PBX phone system price quotes.

    Briefly, describe your PBX telephone system needs, and we will quickly match you with multiple options and comparisons. We can get your job done!

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