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    CCTV Security System Dubai

    If you are looking for a security camera or a digital video recorder, CCTV Dubai, then look no further! Al Marjan is your destination for security camera equipment and all your CCTV video surveillance.

    Al Marjan Communication System is involved in supply, installation, and maintenance of security systems like CCTV Dubai. We deal in security products like CCTV and central alarm monitoring station. We can help you in designing the right CCTV security system and in selecting the right CCTV security system tool for all your needs. We have installed CCTV security systems in villas, hotels, shopping malls, banks, factories, warehouses, offices, flats, commercial and residential buildings in Dubai and other parts of UAE. We have the technical capabilities and experience to handle any kinds of projects for CCTV in Dubai.

    As a CCTV security system installer in Dubai, we have certified engineers and experienced technicians. Whatever your requirement, AL MARJAN can design and deploy the right CCTV solutions for you. We can offer various types of CCTV security products in Dubai.

    What is CCTV SYSTEM?

    CCTV system is an effective self-contained prevention technology, video surveillance system utilizes the latest digital technology to monitor access to unauthorized activities, secure areas, theft or criminal damage and personal safety. It comprising cameras, recorders, and displays for monitoring activities. 

    There are two types of CCTV systems, they are analog CCTV system and digital CCTV system.These CCTV surveillance systems from Al Marjan are only two offerings from their huge assortment of analog and digital CCTV packages. They include all the hardware and software required to set up a CCTV system.

    Placing CCTV Dubai security cameras close to high-trafficked and unguarded areas at intervals your store can help to reduce the amount of retail crimes.At the same time, properly installed retail CCTV security systems ensure that shoplifting and employee theft will be recorded on CCTV camera system.

    There are many questions arising upon CCTV Dubai. Some of them are as follows

    It’s extremely important to ensure that you have chosen the right CCTV Dubai camera because depending on where they’ repositioned and their primary use, you will need to find the one that best accommodates your needs. AL MARJAN is the best choice for your purchase of CCTV Dubai.

    Here at AL MARJAN COMMUNICATION, we supply different types of CCTV and more to our customers. We provide professional services of CCTV Dubai, utilizing our highly trained and experienced team. We take pride in delivering great CCTV solutions to our clients.

    Why not improve the CCTV system you already have? Our engineers and architects can update and change parts of your CCTV system minimizing your costs and maximizing your view. We are the UAE’s premier providers of high definition CCTV installation, design, and maintenance. We really know our stuff and can recommend, supply and install the best type of CCTV Dubai camera system for your premises.


    We have highly skilled and experienced engineers who specialize in installing CCTV cameras, connections, and digital video recorders. For high-quality CCTV installations in the UAE, call on AL MARJAN COMMUNICATION.

    Our years of experience in the IT industry has resulted as becoming the UAE’s premier CCTV security camera installers, carrying out services across the Middle East. With decades of experience in the design, supply and installation of CCTV Dubai systems for both domestic and commercial clients, the fully qualified and trained team at AL MARJAN COMMUNICATION are on hand to tailor a CCTV surveillance solution that suits your exact security camera requirements. With wireless CCTV systems and free internet connection for remote monitoring available, you can be sure that your home or business is in the best hands possible with us.

    Our service doesn’t stop once we have installed your CCTV system. We are there to back you up whenever you need us. We have carried out CCTV installations at a number of different businesses, including councils, race courses, schools, supermarkets, retail environments, and many more – take a look at our customer testimonials to find out what our clients think about our work as CCTV Dubai.


    Al Marjan communication System offer CCTV products including Compression cards, hybrid DVRs, standalone DVRs, NVRs, Digital video servers, High Resolution Cameras, Water-proof IR Cameras, Network Cameras, Outdoor Cameras, high-definition IP cameras, Security monitors, Multiplexing DVRs, Keyboard Controllers, and speed domes. We offer CCTV camera products from a number of manufacturers including Samsung, CpPlus, Bosch, Dahua, Cp Plus, Honeywell, Uniview &  Hikvision. All these CCTV security products in UAE are the best cost and top performance CCTV for total security. 

    Contact us today  for more information on various brands and models of the CCTV system Including Samsung CCTV Dubai, Honeywell CCTV Dubai, Bosch CCTV Dubai, CpPLUS cctv Dubai, Hikvision CCTV Dubai, Uniview CCTV Dubai & Dahua CCTV Dubai .

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