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    Important Features of Hikvision Camera with New Turbo HD X Security Solutions

    Turbo HD X Series - Hikvision Camera Dubai

    Hikvision is a world-driving supplier of innovative security products and solutions, has propelled the most recent generation Turbo HD Series – Turbo HD X, which is a complete system to help stop intruders continuously and maintain a strategic distance from harm and loss of property. Hikvision CCTV is known to be a main overall market pioneer in the security business. Hikvision has the world’s biggest R&D group and state-of-art manufacturing facilities. Both permit Hikvision’s providers and clients the advantage of world-class products that are planned with cutting-edge technology.

    Hikvision manufactures a full suite of comprehensive CCTV products and solutions for a broad range of vertical markets. Notwithstanding the CCTV security industry, Hikvision stretches out its scope to keen home tech, modern computerization, and automotive electronics industries to achieve its long-term vision. Hikvision products also provide powerful business intelligence for end users, which can empower progressively proficient activities and greater commercial success. Focused on the most extreme quality and security of its products, Hikvision encourages partners to take advantage of the many cybersecurity resources. 

    From passive monitoring to active deterrence, in a wide variety of applications

    The Hikvision Turbo HD X series of cctv security cameras has a built-in detector that captures infrared light emitted by human bodies, distinguishing it from other visual ‘noise’. Once the camera detects a potential intruder, its built-in siren flashes red and blue light and makes a loud sound with the aim of frightening the intruder away.

    The Turbo HD X series can support an expansive scope of border assurance and security system processes for in-process notice and proof assortment after an occasion. It enables transformation of the traditional monitoring and post-event investigation approach and helps change perimeter protection from passive monitoring to active deterrence in order to protect people and assets. It can be used in warehouses, residences, jewellery stores and more.

    Features of Hikvision Camera Dubai with New Turbo HD X Series are

    A complete end-to-end system

    More importantly, the Turbo HD X is a complete and unified system, featuring front-end devices linking to back-end devices and a remote application. As the front-end alarm sends a warning to potential intruders, the system also triggers an alarm at the back-end, to notify security personnel. Users can also receive alarm information remotely, via an application on their mobile devices.

    Even better false-alarm reduction

    Turbo HD X Hikvision camera can also be integrated with Hikvision’s cutting-edge AcuSense DVRs. The intelligent false-alarm reduction technology within these DVRs will disregard irrelevant movements picked up by the camera – for example rain, leaves and animals –  and rather center solely around human or vehicle development.Together, this integrated solution dramatically reduces the number of false alarms and ensures security staff focus on actual targets for greater efficiency.

    Building on already impressive functionality

    All of this builds on the impressive functionality that has been delivered by Hikvision’s Turbo HD DVRs and cctv security cameras since their launch in 2013. Notwithstanding noteworthy HD picture lucidity, the most recent six years of Turbo HD items have conveyed an abundance of developments to the market, including super-effective data transfer capacity and capacity utilization and ultra-low-light video recording – all helping clients to upgrade their security and border insurance. 

    Hikvision are bringing fresh ideas and new possibilities to the CCTV security industry. Generally, video surveillance records are looked for proof after somebody has endured the results of an interruption. However, criminals may give up further actions if they believe their behaviour has been detected. By stopping intruders in their tracks, the Turbo HD X, Hikvision camera can help our customers to avoid costly damage and loss of property.

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