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Commax Security Systems in Dubai

Commax Security Systems is a Korea-based company that has been providing innovative and high-quality security solutions to the market for over 50 years. The company specialises in access control systems, video intercoms, and CCTV surveillance systems, among other security products. Commax has made its way to the global market, particularly in the Middle East region, with a strong reputation for providing advanced security solutions that are reliable, effective, and easy to use. Al Marjan Communication System has been selling Commax Security Systems in Dubai with a focus on Commax intercom systems.

Advantages of Commax Security Systems in Dubai

Commitment to innovation: The company invests heavily in research and development to develop new products and features, providing clients with the latest security technology available. This has resulted in security solutions with advanced features and capabilities that cater to clients’ specific needs. For instance, Commax’s video intercom systems have facial recognition technology, which is a cutting-edge feature that enhances the level of security in homes and offices. With facial recognition technology, the system is programmed to detect and recognise people’s faces, making it easier for clients to identify visitors and approve or reject access requests.

Commitment to quality:Commax has a stringent quality control process in place that ensures that all products are of high quality and meet international standards. As a result, their security systems are durable and reliable, making them a popular choice in Dubai and the wider Middle East region, where the climate is known to be harsh. Moreover, the company has been certified for its quality management system and environmental management system, demonstrating its commitment to providing excellent products and services that are environmentally sustainable.

A range of security systems

Commax Security Systems also provides a wide range of products that cater to the needs of different clients. For instance, the company’s access control systems are ideal for large commercial buildings, hotels, and industrial sites, where security is paramount. The systems come with various features, such as biometric verification, smart card access control, and time and attendance management, to ensure that only authorised personnel can access the premises. On the other hand, Commax’s video intercom systems are suitable for residential buildings and small businesses, providing an additional layer of security for people’s homes and offices.

CCTV surveillance systems are also essential in today’s world, where security threats are prevalent. Commax Security Systems’ CCTV systems come with advanced features, such as high-definition cameras, night vision, motion detection, and remote monitoring capabilities. These features enable clients to monitor their premises and detect any suspicious activity, whether it is during the day or night, from anywhere in the world.

The installation and maintenance of Commax Security Systems’ products are also top-notch. The company has a team of highly trained technicians who ensure that the installation process is smooth and efficient. The technicians also provide training to clients on how to use the systems and make the most out of the features available. Additionally, the company offers ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that their products continue to work efficiently and effectively over time.

Commax Security Systems has an excellent reputation for providing top-quality security solutions.

Commax Security Systems is an innovative and reputable company that provides advanced security solutions in Dubai and the wider Middle East region. The company’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has made it a popular choice for clients in the region. Whether it is access control systems, video intercoms, or CCTV surveillance systems, Commax Security Systems in Dubai has a product that meets clients’ needs. And if you are looking for a video intercom system from Commax, then you need to get in touch with Al Marjan Communication System today.

Unifi Ubiquiti Service in Dubai

Ubiquiti product lines include UniFi, AmpliFi, airFiber, EdgeMax, UISP, airMAX, GigaBeam, and UFiber. The most common product line is UniFi which is focused on home, pro-sumer, business wired and wireless networking.

If you run a business or some operations in Dubai and are searching for a cost effective, yet efficient UniFi Ubiquiti Service in Dubai, then you should get in touch with Al Marjan Communications System.

UniFi Ubiquiti service

Ubiquiti UniFi is a line of networking equipment and software designed for businesses and individuals who need reliable and high-performance network solutions. UniFi products include access points, switches, gateways, and network controllers.

One of the key benefits of UniFi is the centralised management software, which allows you to easily configure and monitor all of your UniFi devices from a single interface. This makes it easy to manage a large network with multiple access points and switches.

UniFi products are also known for their advanced features and customisable settings, such as guest networks, VLANs, and traffic shaping. This allows you to tailor your network to your specific needs and requirements.

Overall, Ubiquiti UniFi is a popular choice for businesses and individuals who need a high-performance, reliable, and easy-to-manage network solution.

Word of caution

Ubiquiti UniFi is a community of wireless access points, switches, routers, controller devices, VoIP phones, and access control products. It can be used for the corporate network and also for the home network. A Unifi network controller manages all the equipment in the UNIFI network.

Ubiquiti UniFi is the most cost-effective network (wired and wireless) solution on the market. The reason they are so cost effective is that their support model is community driven. If your needs are rather basic and you are willing to dig in and learn the solution, it will pay dividends for years to come.

Unifi Ubiquiti service in Dubai

Ubiquiti is a popular brand for networking and wireless solutions, and their UniFi product line is widely used in Dubai and around the world. There are several service providers in Dubai that offer UniFi Ubiquiti services, including Al Marjan Communications System. Al Marjan offers IT services and networking solutions, including UniFi Ubiquiti services for businesses in Dubai. They provide network design, installation, and maintenance services. Their USP is excellent after-sales services and support.

It’s important to research and compare different providers to find the one that best meets your needs and budget. And, if you are still confused amongst different providers, then there is a simple rule— focus on the one that is not just selling, but fostering a long-term relationship. One such provider is Al Marjan Communications System.

ZKTeco distributor in Dubai

ZKTeco is a globally known enterprise which specialises in biometric recognition techniques, and provides products and solutions of smart entrance management, smart identity verification and smart office. ZKTeco offers services to diverse verticals, belonging to either set— public-service, enterprise-level and personal users.

They provide end-to-end solutions as well. For example, Western Bainoona Group (WBG) serves companies in the sectors related to road and infrastructure construction, crushers and quarries, transportation trucks, and heavy equipment and has completed many famous projects, like Abu Dhabi Island Road Connection, Etihad Rail, and Abu Dhabi International Airport. Currently, they have more than 3,000 employees who are assigned in different sites and OCEs. ZKTeco provided a complete attendance and entrance control solution to them.

What ZKTeco does?

ZKTeco is a provider of biometric verification algorithm techniques, sensors and software platform, based on fingerprint, iris, face, vein and palm print recognition techniques. Its products use compute vision techniques including facial recognition, identification of behaviours, X-ray object identification, and video structure. They offer one-stop solutions based on smart verification and identity authentication applications for vertical industries, partners, and system integrators.

ZKTeco also provides core techniques, smart terminals and software platforms based on smart entrance and exit of cars or persons. It integrates hybrid biometric verification techniques and computer vision techniques with the Internet, IoT, big data and cloud computing, and builds system platform including ZKBioSecurity and ZKBioCV Security etc.

ZKTeco majorily provides security solutions to multiple industries, operating in diverse fields. These solutions include applications ranging from smart traffic, smart finance, smart education, and smart medical establishment to smart government.

If you run an enterprise and looking for the leading ZKTeco distributor in Dubai, which is always ready with the products that you may need, then keep on reading.

ZKTeco distributor in Dubai

There are several distributors that deal in ZKTeco products in Dubai, UAE. But, if you are looking for a reliable distributor:

  1. Who has the required experience and expertise to deliver a solution at your office sites, as per promised terms and your peculiar requirements that emerge at a subsequent stage of deployment of solution.
  2. Who is keen on providing a differentiator after-sales service.

Then do get in contact with Al Marjan Communication System ( ).

Hikvision and Infinique CCTV Products Dealer in UAE

Welcome to the Al Marjan Communication blog, where we provide valuable information about our CCTV product offerings in the UAE. We are proud to be authorized dealers of Hikvision and Infinique CCTV products, two of the leading brands in the CCTV industry. 

Hikvision is a global leader in CCTV technology and has a reputation for producing high-quality and reliable products. Their product range includes analog and IP cameras, video management software, and network storage devices. Hikvision products are used in a variety of applications, from small residential properties to large commercial buildings.

Infinique is a UAE-based CCTV manufacturer that offers a wide range of CCTV products, including cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and video management software. Infinique’s products are designed to meet the specific needs of the UAE market and offer advanced features like facial recognition, license plate recognition, and object detection.

As authorized dealers of Hikvision and Infinique CCTV products, we are able to offer our clients access to the latest and most advanced security solutions in the market. Our team of experts works closely with our clients to design and install customized CCTV systems that meet their specific needs and budgets.

We also offer maintenance and repair services for our clients’ CCTV systems to ensure that they continue to function efficiently and effectively. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in working with Hikvision and Infinique products, ensuring that your CCTV system is in good hands.

At Al Marjan Communication, we are committed to providing our clients with the best CCTV products and services in the UAE. We understand the importance of keeping your property and assets safe and secure, and we are here to help you achieve just that.

In conclusion, Hikvision and Infinique are two of the leading brands in the CCTV industry, and we are proud to be authorized dealers of their products in the UAE. If you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality CCTV system for your property, look no further than Al Marjan Communication. Thank you for choosing us as your CCTV partner. Stay tuned for more updates and valuable insights on our blog!

Secure Your Property with Top-Quality CCTV Installation Services in Dubai

Welcome to the Al Marjan Communication blog, where we offer valuable insights and information about CCTV security system installation services in Dubai. We are committed to helping our clients secure their properties with state-of-the-art security solutions.

CCTV security systems are an essential part of any commercial or residential property’s security infrastructure. In today’s world, it is vital to protect your property and assets from theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities. CCTV systems provide real-time monitoring, recording, and analysis of your property’s activities, which can help prevent crime and provide evidence in case of any unfortunate incidents.

At Al Marjan Communication, we specialize in providing top-quality CCTV system installation services to our clients. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure that your CCTV system is installed correctly and functions efficiently.

We use only the highest quality cameras and equipment to ensure that your property is well protected at all times. Our technicians work with you to design a customized CCTV security system that meets your specific needs and budget.

In addition to installation services, we also offer maintenance and repair services for your CCTV system. We understand the importance of keeping your security system up and running at all times, and we are here to help you achieve that.

Our CCTV security systems come with a range of advanced features, including remote viewing, motion detection, and night vision. These features provide you with real-time access to your property’s activities, even when you’re away from the premises.

In conclusion, having a CCTV security system installed in your property is essential to ensure the safety and security of your assets. At Al Marjan Communication, we are committed to providing the best CCTV system installation services in Dubai and are here to help you protect your business and property.

Thank you for choosing Al Marjan Communication for your CCTV system installation needs. Stay tuned for more updates and valuable insights on our blog!

Easy Ways to Choose the Best Network Switch for CCTV Surveillance System Dubai

Nowadays, most of the associations and offices are embracing CCTV surveillance system and along these lines, there is a need to guarantee top-notch network equipment is utilized with the goal that security can be given in a consistent and unhindered way. There are various network peripheral devices in the market, which brings up the issue: how would we pick the best system peripherals to guarantee ideal execution of the CCTV surveillance system and proficiency, the most significant being a system switch.

A network switch, otherwise called a Hub, is a computer networking device that plays out the undertaking of connecting various network segments. It assumes a fundamental job in the advanced ethernet local area networks (LANs), where in a system may have more than one switch. A switch is in charge of sending information just to the beneficiary who should approach the given data with the goal that the system isn’t over-burden when information is sent and integrity of information is kept up by the higher security levels.

We need to consider the following points when choosing the best network switch for CCTV surveillance system Dubai

Other important tips for choosing the best network switches for CCTV surveillance system Dubai are

Switches are a multitude of features that can be used to improve your CCTV surveillance system. It is not only boxed with ports available to connect cables. The switch performance can be determined by categorizing the speed based on the volume of data passed through the switch. Non-blocking and wired-speed are referred to as the performance of an Ethernet switch. It is best to test the switch performance when deciding. Be aware of this to make the best use of the equipment.

Is CCTV Camera Effective in Protecting Your Business and Home?

When installing CCTV Camera, an important question that comes to mind is that ‘Is CCTV Camera Effective in protecting your Business and Home?’ We’ll look at the effect of CCTV camera in relation to crime to help us answer this question.

The best CCTV security camera is created by the best manufacturers. What means is that your CCTV camera will be highly technological, ie EXIR technology. An aggressor won’t shoot the camera as the person enters your store and put a conclusion to the camera’s activity.

Caught in action: Usage of CCTV camera will stop or reduce the criminal activity. Criminals being caught on camera, there is a general deterrent with a fear of punishment.

Evidence: With the possibility of being captured on a CCTV camera, it deems easier to track the criminals. The CCTV camera provide evidence of crime. CCTV helps in monitoring and not the actual eradication of crimes.

Crowds: Especially the common pickpocketing can take place in the midst of crowds. Putting crowded area under CCTV surveillance effectively makes the criminals apprehensive about committing and reducing the crime.

Effective Security Planning: CCTV positioning play a huge role in putting together the best and most effective security plan for any event. CCTVs are essentially a part of the security team. Evidence deems specific and correct once the CCTVs perform in security.

Under Surveillance: CCTV shows alertness towards security measures. It is this vigilance and alertness that puts off potential criminals because they know this is not an unsuspecting victim easy to fell. The CCTV security will yield huge setbacks particularly wherever they do not have sufficient monitoring.

Support for criminal investigations: Nowadays CCTV footage playing a vital part in bringing justice. CCTV footage plays a key role in successfully detecting and convicting any criminals.

The benefits of having CCTV camera surveillance is essential to all business and home. And further, prove that CCTV camera is an effective way to reduce crime. Are you still skeptical about getting a CCTV surveillance system? The CCTV shows the best protection and security beef although they should not function to replace but rather to supplement the existing security systems.

Before creating the necessary decision of installing CCTV security camera systems, it’s higher to be equipped with complete information concerning them. It will also enable you to make an informed decision and help you choose the best CCTV camera that fulfills your needs and expectations. Once you know all about the setting up this technological equipment like CCTV Dubai, you will feel better about your choice.

Get An Amazing CCTV Security Camera At A Fair Price

These days, even in the most rural areas, you can’t get by without having some sort of CCTV security camera in line for your home or business. Especially in regards to your business, the best way to do just that is by installing the right CCTV security camera. Keep in mind while shopping for CCTV security camera that, like most things, not all cameras are created equal.

The best CCTV security camera is created by the best manufacturers. What means is that your CCTV camera will be highly technological, ie EXIR technology. An aggressor won’t shoot the camera as the person enters your store and put a conclusion to the camera’s activity.

The best CCTV surveillance camera enables you to focus in on subjects of interest, giving a perfectly clear picture for potential examinations.If you’ re looking for a CCTV camera that can see all while performing the work of several regular cameras, you might consider looking for a HIKVISION CCTV camera. This high tech CCTV camera comes in a myriad of options. So you’ re not only getting a CCTV camera that can take a closer look and provide video footage of a potential suspect but you’ re getting the highest quality CCTV camera that is built to withstand the test of time.

You might think, “Would I be able to manage the cost of CCTV cameras?” You’ll be stunned when you see exactly how reasonable the high tech HIKVISION CCTV cameras are. Truth be told, you’ll likely be so overwhelmed that you’ll ask why you haven’t had surveillance cameras like this set up for quite a long time. You may choose to arrange CCTV camera for your business and for your home, or even to arrange a few to put deliberately around your business or home, remembering that these can tilt, and zoom for broad viewing. And keeping in mind that you’re perusing through the selection, observe how professional these CCTV cameras look. Simply the vibe of only them might be sufficient to dissuade some potential vagrants from carrying out a crime in any case. Installing these CCTV cameras is the best decision you will ever make for your home or business. No place is entirely safe any longer; even your smallest, most cordial neighborhoods are in danger.

If you’ve got something you’ve worked hard for that you want to keep safe, do the best you possibly can by installing a HIKVISION CCTV camera.

HIKVISION CCTV Camera Description

Begin your CCTV security camera shopping where you can easily browse huge amounts of incredible options and order HIKVISION CCTV camera. These are the CCTV camera to have in any type of retail facility, convenience store, corporate building, and even your own home. There’s really nowhere that wouldn’t benefit from having one of these high tech CCTV cameras in place.

Best CCTV Security Camera Brands in Dubai

With a boom in crime and robbery instances, domestic protection is our main precedence. So, there is an urge for safety / CCTV security cameras for a domestic this is in wonderful demand now. CCTV cameras have to turn out to be essential for every home for added safety and peace of mind. There are 100s of CCTV cameras inside the marketplace with a multitude of features to select from, so finding the high-quality CCTV camera in Dubai for domestic, office or save that meets your needs may be very challenging.

Some of the famous CCTV camera brands have come with extra advanced capabilities- built-in microphone, IP digicam, speaker to beat competitors globally. They even perceive the site visitors and provide alerts to maintain the house or workplace safe.

However, before you make a purchase, look out for night imaginative and prescient, notification signals, smart connectivity, storage alternatives, and microphone features. Our crew of experts has finished considerable studies, checking out on distinctive branded CCTV cameras for hours and finally made a list of the Best CCTV security camera brands in Dubai for each indoor and outdoor.

We’ve also collected reviews of the satisfactory CCTV cameras from all around the country that will help you with your seek to be less complicated and enjoyable. In no time, you may have the proper CCTV camera on your desire at your doorsteps.

Top-Rated CCTV Security Camera Brands in Dubai, UAE For Office & Home

Best CCTV Security Camera Reviews in Dubai,UAE

Samsung offers video surveillance products with a focus on ease-of-use and affordability for home security and surveillance for property and small businesses. Samsung’s complete surveillance systems are easy to install and features all the components necessary for effective video security, including monitors, a range of security camera options, and DVRs. The systems can also be monitored remotely via the Internet.

Browse our complete selection of IP Cameras & samsung CCTV security camera systems, or Contact Us today with any questions.

Useful Features are

Honeywell CCTV camera offers reliable identification of potential security threats, retaining public spaces and the people in them safer and greater relaxed. They’re an extraordinary cost-effective alternative for each indoor and outdoor surveillance camera packages, consisting of retail shops, schools, faculties, hospitals, commercial web sites, business parks, airports, gated entrances, loading docks, and driveways. The range is first-class suiting customers looking for an expert / multi-site IP video surveillance answers and systems with a low overall price of ownership.

Combining rugged durability with aesthetic charm, Honeywell newest IP series are the best in CCTV camera industry making it well suited for a variety of indoor and Outdoor Ip Camera applications.

Useful Features are

Monitor and control your private home and workplace with cp plus’ range of cctv cameras. CP plus CCTV cameras are easier to install and use, and come packed with functions like night imaginative and prescient, virtual zoom, huge-perspective lenses, and inbuilt video analytics for smart surveillance.

For individuals who need a security camera outside their domestic or workplace, this is a solid purchase for you humans. Full weatherproof body, 1080 hd camera and 20 meters infrared night time imaginative and prescient you could watch over any suspicious activity from your telephone or your computer. It also sends an email or notification on every occasion it detects a motion.

Designed rugged, those cameras carry your private home/ workplace in your smartphone/ tablet/ computer. View live pictures of your home/ office from anywhere you’re; pause, rewind, and play as you want; and get instant notifications whilst there’s a safety breach. To recognize extra about cp plus cctv cameras, get in touch with our specialists today.

Useful Features are

The weatherproof outdoor cameras are generally expensive and this camera totally beats them with its price. The visibility is great, the installation is easy and the 20-meter long night vision is much appreciated. However, if have to adjust with the small viewing angle but at this budget, this is the best you can expect.

Hikvision is a Chinese manufacturer and one of the leading suppliers of CCTV and video surveillance products globally. Going by the brand value, this CCTV camera is a potent one. This particular model packs a 2 MP night vision camera and it is primarily designed for outdoor use.

This is effectively a bullet camera with 1080P full night vision characteristics. Thanks to the night vision capability, it excels at night surveillance. With Smart IR, IR distance up to 20m and IP66 weatherproof rating, it is perfect for outdoor use.

Useful Features are

Hikvision CCTV camera is a good outdoor camera at an affordable price range.  It makes a very value for money proposition. Good picture quality rated at 1080P, true night vision, waterproof and other useful features make it an all-rounder. The main concern is the DVR support.

Uniview CCTV has been a pioneer and leader in the field of IP video security and has actually expanded to become one of the best in the CCTV security industry. The Uniview product portfolio includes IP security cameras, NVR’s, video encoders/decoders, and other accessories. With the continuous development of the IP video surveillance market, Uniview CCTV constantly enriches its CCTV product line. Uniview has actually been focused on developing, generating and also marketing CCTV products and video security items.

Useful Features are

Dahua is considered as one of the best on the market for CCTV products. Dahua technology offer starts to finish security solutions, systems, and services to make esteem for city operations, corporate administration, and consumers. They provide the market with excellent quality and service of CCTV products to create more value for customers and make unremitting efforts to build a safe, intelligent, convenient and efficient society.

Useful Features are

Al Marjan Communication System offer CCTV camera products from a number of manufacturers including Samsung, CpPlus, Bosch, Dahua,Honeywell, Uniview &  Hikvision. All these CCTV security products in UAE are the best cost and top performance CCTV for total security. Contact us today  for more information on various brands and models of the CCTV security system.

Different Types of CCTV Security Cameras

Find out the most popular CCTV Cameras being used in the UAE market currently. We sell and install all types of CCTV Security Cameras in Dubai.

CCTV Security cameras are a must for every business and home.CCTV cameras comes in different styles and appearance based on the requirements.It’s important to ensure that you have chosen the right CCTV camera based on the location and their primary use.

Cameras are broadly divided into 2 categories. They are

IP Cameras

  • IP stands for Internet Protocol, and basically refers to a digital video camera that can send and receive data via a computer network.
  • Requires a DVR to capture image.

Analog Cameras

Analog security cameras capture an analog video signal and transfer that signal over coax cable to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Each camera may be powered by plugging in the power supply right at the camera or by using RG59 Siamese cable which bundles the video and the power cables.

Requires an NVR to capture image.

Let's look at different types of CCTV security cameras in the market

Dome Camera

The dome camera is one most commonly used for indoor security and surveillance. The shape of the camera makes it difficult for onlookers to tell which way the camera is facing, which is a strong piece of design,deterring criminals by creating an air of uncertainty. Dome CCTV cameras are either ceiling mounted or suspended from a wall mounted bracket depending on the application and the field of view required.

Bullet camera

Bullet cameras are long and bullet shaped, and are ideal for outdoor use.their strengths lie specifically in applications which require long distance viewing. Installed within protective casings,the cameras are protected against dust, dirt and other natural elements. Bullet CCTV cameras are better suited for most outdoor applications.

PTZ Camera

PTZ Camera stands for PAN TILT ZOOM. PAN tilt Zoom CCTV Security Cameras offer the ability to capture footage at multiple angles and perspectives while surveying a wide range of territory. PTZ machine vision CCTV cameras have the ability to pan,tilt and zoom their lenses.

Turrent Camera

The Turrent or ‘Eyeball’ CCTV camera is newly designed camera similar to a dome camera but without a housing. A turrent camera, also known as a mini dome, eyeball or flat faced dome camera, has a ball-and-socket type of design.It is like a slices sphere, which can be easily swiveled around in its “socket” once the base has been mounted.

Fisheye Camera

The fish eye camera is a single camera which allows you to record everything with a 180 or 360 degree panoramic view. The strength of this CCTV camera can reduce the quantity of cameras needed to cover the same CCTV surveillance camera.

Box Camera

Box camera on the other hand are larger and have internal components and lenses that can sometimes be replaced. they usually feature better optical performance, longer service life-span and with the right housing can be mounted in virtually any location and environment. Box CCTV cameras are not meant to be discreet and are usually an imposing symbol of security presence at an installation to be used as a deterrent.

Protect your business with commercial-grade CCTV security camera systems from Al Marjan Communication system, trusted for IP / CCTV Dubai and CCTV security systems. Incredible deals on all CCTV Security cameras & Surveillance camera systems. Feel free to contact us.