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    ZKTeco distributor in Dubai

    ZKTeco is a globally known enterprise which specialises in biometric recognition techniques, and provides products and solutions of smart entrance management, smart identity verification and smart office. ZKTeco offers services to diverse verticals, belonging to either set— public-service, enterprise-level and personal users.

    They provide end-to-end solutions as well. For example, Western Bainoona Group (WBG) serves companies in the sectors related to road and infrastructure construction, crushers and quarries, transportation trucks, and heavy equipment and has completed many famous projects, like Abu Dhabi Island Road Connection, Etihad Rail, and Abu Dhabi International Airport. Currently, they have more than 3,000 employees who are assigned in different sites and OCEs. ZKTeco provided a complete attendance and entrance control solution to them.

    What ZKTeco does?

    ZKTeco is a provider of biometric verification algorithm techniques, sensors and software platform, based on fingerprint, iris, face, vein and palm print recognition techniques. Its products use compute vision techniques including facial recognition, identification of behaviours, X-ray object identification, and video structure. They offer one-stop solutions based on smart verification and identity authentication applications for vertical industries, partners, and system integrators.

    ZKTeco also provides core techniques, smart terminals and software platforms based on smart entrance and exit of cars or persons. It integrates hybrid biometric verification techniques and computer vision techniques with the Internet, IoT, big data and cloud computing, and builds system platform including ZKBioSecurity and ZKBioCV Security etc.

    ZKTeco majorily provides security solutions to multiple industries, operating in diverse fields. These solutions include applications ranging from smart traffic, smart finance, smart education, and smart medical establishment to smart government.

    If you run an enterprise and looking for the leading ZKTeco distributor in Dubai, which is always ready with the products that you may need, then keep on reading.

    ZKTeco distributor in Dubai

    There are several distributors that deal in ZKTeco products in Dubai, UAE. But, if you are looking for a reliable distributor:

    1. Who has the required experience and expertise to deliver a solution at your office sites, as per promised terms and your peculiar requirements that emerge at a subsequent stage of deployment of solution.
    2. Who is keen on providing a differentiator after-sales service.

    Then do get in contact with Al Marjan Communication System ( ).