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Bosch CCTV Dubai UAE

Bosch engages you to assemble a more secure world. Our point is to ensure lives, buildings, and resources through Bosch CCTV Dubai. Most organizations actualize CCTV security systems as an objective to augment security and decrease risks related to crime and robbery. In addition it increases the profitability and effectiveness among workers. A total and appropriate CCTV installation can get planned impacts to the surveillance in a viable way. Businesses and homes can exploit from the CCTV surveillance if they deal with the CCTV system in view of protection.

You will be stunned by how much better you feel secure with the Bosch CCTV systems in your business and homes when you buy from us.

Bosch CCTV Dubai Systems

Understood in the area of CCTV security surveillance products, Bosch CCTV presents an assortment of CCTV products including IP cameras, Analog Cameras and DVRs. It offers different security features that push business to move in a positive manner. Using completely the CCTV features, Al Marjan create adaptable and concrete CCTV Dubai security systems with Bosch CCTV systems that meet customer's requirements.

Bosch IP CCTV Cameras

Bosch presents IP Cameras that contains a wide range of security applications. The varied classifications of Bosch IP cameras in Dubai incorporates Fixed IP cameras, moving cameras, and all-encompassing cameras.

The features comprises of

  • Exceptional Strength
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Interoperability with Other Systems
  • Intelligent Tracking
  • HD Resolution
  • Video Analytics

Bosch CCTV Analog Cameras

The Bosch CCTV analog cameras are really good for applications that need good resolution images and the advantages include night capturing possible with imaging technology, High Sensitivity, Wide coverage, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, Strong design, optimized image visibility and more.

Bosch CCTV Network Video Recorders and Digital Video recorders

The CCTV recording solutions from Bosch is promising for business with a single camera to a few hundred cameras. The Bosch recording system together with cameras offers a total IP recording solution.

Features are

  • Robust and Secure Operation
  • Real-time Access to Video
  • Advanced User Management
  • Search Made Easy
  • Remote Watching Possible
  • Advanced Alarm Management
  • Support up to 32 Channels
  • Video Management Software
  • Fully Modular Design

Bosch CCTV Digital Video recorder offer features that also includes remote playback control, network function for remote monitoring, remote playback control, alarm warning, real-time monitoring, high resolution and more.

Features of Bosch CCTV DVR are

  • Image quality
  • Intelligent bitrate management and data security
  • Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction and streaming
  • Easy Installation

Enhance CCTV security camera with the best provider of CCTV Dubai

Al Marjan Communication System LLC is reckoned as an expert in designing and deploying CCTV security systems in Dubai.The clients can encounter quality surveillance with our CCTV installation in Dubai. We are proud to have been the most celebrated providers in other emirates of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, and UAE. Having a total CCTV security system in the business, will increase the productivity and efficiency. With Bosch CCTV systems, Al Marjan is able to deliver the CCTV solutions to all kinds of industries and business. Bosch presents other scope of CCTV security products, for example, Bosch CCTV Analog cameras, Bosch NVR and Bosch DVR which can be utilized to deploy an absolute CCTV security system Dubai.

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