Intelligent Cabling System

AL MARJAN COMMUNICATION has a superb team of technicians who make structured cabling a work of art. Our technicians have worked in a variety of structured cabling installations, giving us a leading edge over our competitors. Our experience in CAT 6 Cabling is built on technicians who know their trade and have experience comprised from a large number of completed structured cabling projects in Dubai and the UAE. Our team has run many projects delivering in the following below services

  • Complete Data Center build-out
  • Backbone installation, wire management
  • Cords & inner-duct tubing
  • Data & voice cable installations Cat 5, 5e, 6, 7 (Fire code approved)
  • Communication room installation (IDF, MDF)
  • Fiber optic cable installation
  • Patch panel installation
  • Re-termination of existing Cat 5, 5e, 6, 7 cabling
  • Office equipment relocation services for modular furniture or open space office equipment racks
  • Network switch installations
  • Complete equipment racking system including ladder racks, wire managers & server shelves
  • Category 5, 5e & 6, 7, RJ 45 data jack installation, surface mount & flush wall plates
  • Remote access to networks
  • Testing, tracing, labeling and Commissioning of cables

New Office Cabling

We are experienced in Structured Cabling projects for small and large offices. This may be a single office or a complete floor.


Existing Office cabling /re-cabling

As an office grows it is inevitable that the structured cabling needs will change, we can assist you in redesigning the cable routes to ensure additional points are added with the least disruption to your work and your premises.


Site Porta Cabins / Temporary Site Offices

AL MARJAN has been heavily involved in the construction industry and has massive experience in structured cabling for Site porta cabins and temporary office facilities for the construction industry.


Event IT Cabling

IT Services and structured cabling for Events is a different type of project compared to other installations. The event industry does not have the large time lines of standard projects. The installation of the Structured Cabling must be quick, efficient and on time. There is no area for failure; it must be all right on the night! AL MARJAN has many years of experience in the Event industry working with the top names and brands.


Cabling Methodology


Site Inspection
During the pricing stage one of our ProjectEngineer will visit the site to assess the site and the works required. At this stage we will try and foresee any issues that cause any negative effect to the project. At this stage we will be looking at where the incoming communications services (Du/Etisalat) will come from as well as any particulars for the installation work.

Coordination Meetings
During the life cycle of the Structured cabling project we will ensure that we have continuous co-ordination with all other parties involved, this will be done by our project manager, who will be responsible for the overall customer satisfaction of the project.

Testing and Commissioning 
We don’t expect you to take our word that we have installed your Structured cabling perfectly. We will test the structured cabling using the industry standard fluke cable tester. This will give you a report on each part of the cabling. With this report we can guarantee your whole network.


Our Brands

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